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Duna Aszfalt-DTKH Kecskemét Basketball Team Starts 2024 with Great Momentum


The Duna Aszfalt-DTKH Kecskemét basketball team aims to kick off the new year with a victory.

After ending the previous year with a defeat in Sopron, the Duna Aszfalt-DTKH Kecskemét team is determined to start the new year successfully on their home court. Ivkovic Stojan's squad will host Debrecen on Friday evening.

In their first regular-season matchup in Debrecen, the DEAC emerged victorious with a score of 79-71, giving the Kecskemét team a strong motive for redemption. Currently, Debrecen stands in 6th place on the table with 7 wins and 7 losses, while Duna Aszfalt-DTKH Kecskemét is in 10th place with a 5-9 record. DEAC secured a victory in the previous round in Oroszlány, whereas the Kecskemét team narrowly lost to Sopron in a close match. The team is now focused on making improvements.

Ivkovic Stojan, the professional director, shared his thoughts on the upcoming game: "We played four matches in a short period and experienced many stimuli, plus there were the holidays, Christmas, and New Year's Eve. After the Sopron match, I was upset, but then I reviewed the past period, and we can be satisfied because we won three out of the four. This league is a real roller coaster. Apart from Falco, no team can be certain of victory.

Every match is a close battle. What we improved in the previous three games were limiting blocking out and turnovers. These aspects went very poorly against Sopron, resulting in chaotic offense. We are working on correcting these mistakes. Debrecen is consistently one of the most organized clubs in Hungary. They set high goals and assemble their roster accordingly. This year is no different. We respect our opponent, but our goal is nothing less than victory, especially on our home court in front of our dedicated and enthusiastic fans. Dr. Csont analyzed DEAC's game against Oroszlány, and he will report the findings on Saturday," the expert concluded humorously about the anticipated close match.

Source: baon.hu

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