Construction of the M83 Main Road / 2x2 Lane Main Road Between Pápa and Győr

M35 Motorway / Reconstruction of the M35 - Main Road 354 Junction

Construction of the Alei Wielkiej Wyspy Urban Bypass

Construction of the M6 Motorway Between Bóly and Ivándárda

Construction of the M30 Motorway Between Miskolc and Tornyosnémeti

Expansion and Reconstruction of the DK-94 Main Road in Sosnowiec - Phase I: Expansion of the DK-94 and Długosza Street Intersection

Motorway M43 / Construction of the Section Between Makó and the Romanian Border

Rehabilitation of the DN1C and DN1C/19 Roads Between Livada and Halmeu, and Between Satu Mare and Baia Mare, with design and execution