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Our Megaproject, the Paks Duna Bridge, Reaches a Spectacular Milestone


At the beginning of 2024, the construction team will already be able to walk across the Paks-Kalocsa bridge – the opening date of the bridge is fast approaching.

In a true winter setting, accompanied by snowfall, the closure of the left bank of the Paks Duna Bridge was completed in early December 2023. The project, led by Duna Aszfalt Zrt. as a main contractor, is nearing the point where one can walk across the entire bridge. The completion of the new bridge between Paks and Kalocsa will eliminate the need for a detour of more than 70 kilometers, that is is being constructed under the general contracting of Duna Aszfalt Zrt. on behalf of the Ministry of Construction and Transport (ÉKM) (video).

Two Floodplain Bridges and an Intermediate River Bridge between them

The nearly 1-kilometer-long (specifically almost of 946 meters) bridge being built on the southern Hungarian section of the Duna actually consists of three separate parts: two floodplain bridges and an intermediate river bridge, forming one large unit. The floodplain bridges are already connected to the two sides of the river bridge, but as of early December, the latter was still in three sections. The construction of the 440-meter-long river bridge reached a spectacular moment on December 6, 2023: thanks to the work of the experts, the section on the Kalocsa bank was definitively connected.

In the investment project overseen by the Ministry of Construction and Transport, the middle river closure is expected to be completed in February, from then on allowing passage across the entire bridge, which includes two floodplain bridges besides the river bridge.

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