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Join the Duna Talent Development Program!


The Duna Group is launching the most comprehensive civil engineering talent fostering program in the country: the Duna Group Talent Development Program!

Our goal is to identify and train the future engineers for the Duna Group. By completing the program, you will be able to join a specific project and work independently from the first day, giving you a significant advantage over others who require months of preparation for the same thing.

You will have the opportunity to work on the country's most outstanding projects with us, whether it be road, bridge, racetrack, or water construction. The 8-month training covers everything from preparatory tasks to successful on-site project performance.

All this while successfully completing your university studies! You can even write your thesis with us!

And yes, you will be paid for your work!

So, if you want to work on the coolest infrastructure projects in the country, learn the most advanced technologies, lay the foundation for your future, and earn money, apply now to the Duna Group Talent Development Program!

Please request the application requirements at dunatehetseg@dunaaszfalt.hu.

General Structure of the Talent Development Program:

Application Deadline: by May the 10th 2021
Personal Interview: May the 14th 2021
First Theoretical Class: May the 18th 2021
Last Day of the Program: November the 30th 2021

Duna Group Talent Nurturing Support: HUF 120,000/month
Completion of Professional Practice: Yes

1 Month: Theoretical professional foundation, preparation for effective project work, with one contact hour per week.
2-7 Months: Project work, up to at most 20 hours per week.

Number of Students in the Program: Up to 16 students
Program Duration: 7 months
Participating Courses: BSc and MSc
Participating Universities: BME, DE, NKE, PTE, SZE, ÓE
Completed Credits Required: 180+
Participating Fields: Civil Engineering

We look forward to your application: dunatehetseg@dunaaszfalt.hu.

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