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Last Opportunity in 2022: The Visitors of the Kalocsa-Paks New Duna Bridge Visitor Center are Being Expected on this Date


Kalocsa-Paks New Duna Bridge

Dear Visitors!

The Kalocsa-Paks New Duna Bridge Visitor Centre will once again be open to visitors on the following date:

November 25th 2022 (Friday) at 13:00 – For the general public
Registration deadline: by November 18th 2022 (Friday) at 12:00 PM

Minimum group size: 8 persons, Maximum group size: 15 persons. We can only accommodate one group per session. Please note that without prior registration and if the minimum group size is not met, we cannot host any groups. Program duration is for the general public: 1 to 1.5 hours, for technical visitors: 1.5 to 2 hours that includes an interactive presentation of the project and the construction site.

For engineers, investors, and operators special appointments can be arranged to view the project.

Registration can be made via email at paks_dunahid@dunaaszfalt.hu.

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