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OUR WORKS I Water engineering

The regulation, utilization, and drainage of excess and harmful water fall under the technical activities categorized as water engineering. Water engineering projects are fundamentally characterized by a much closer relationship with nature compared to other construction activities, as besides such by factors such as climate and weather conditions they are also dominated by the flow of live water bodies, and the location and temporal variation of groundwater levels.

flood protection

Tiszakécske / Hungary / 2017 - 2021

Tiszakécske Oxbow Reconstruction

The project aimed to restore the aquatic habitats of the Tisza oxbows while preserving their natural characteristics. The project, which affected nearly 80 hectares, involved dredging the 1st, 3rd, and 4th oxbows, creating a nature trail, and establishing a water extraction plant from the Tisza to ensure water replenishment for the oxbows.

The 1st oxbow saw the most extensive intervention, requiring nearly 54,000 m³ of dry dredging after draining approximately 120,000 m³ of water. Additionally, the complete relocation of the fish population was a critical task. A 2,500-meter-long nature trail (with footpaths and pile walkways) was created, allowing visitors to observe the entire flora and fauna, supplemented with bird-watching stations.

For the 3rd and 4th oxbows, complete water drainage was not performed; only the existing water level was reduced. The 3rd oxbow required around 15,000 m³ of dredging, while the main task for the 4th oxbow was the construction of a swale, involving 17,000 m³ of work.

Flow control engineering structures between the oxbows were also refurbished, and a water intake engineering structure from the Tisza was built to ensure water replenishment for the entire oxbow system.


Abádszalók, Kunhegyes, Tiszagyenda, Tiszaroff, Tiszabura / Hungary / 2009 - 2012

Nagykunsági Flood Level Reduction Reservoir

The project aimed to establish a reservoir enclosed by dikes, equipped with controllable filling and draining engineering structures, to reduce flood levels in the Middle Tisza region. During the construction, significant archaeological finds were uncovered by the Cultural Heritage Protection Service and these were subsequently displayed in a museum.

This reservoir was a significant development by Duna Aszfalt: contributing first of all to maintaining flood levels below critical thresholds and on the other hand enabling landscape management be more adaptable to natural conditions.


Additional Flood Protection Projects:

Mályvádi Emergency Flood Reservoir Development

Gyula and Surroundings (Mályvád) /Hungary

2013 - 2015

The development of the emergency flood reservoir in Mályvád started in spring 2013, including the reconstruction of existing flood reservoirs, dike development, dike crown paving, and the construction of flow measurement points.

Tiszakécske Urban Area Flood Protection Dike Construction

Tiszakécske / Hungary

2012 - 2015

Development of a primary flood protection line, areal development of Szolnok city on the Right-bank flood protection section

Szolnok / Hungary

2012 - 2014

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