Banimex Sp. z.o.o.

The Polish company is specializing in road and bridge construction and in 2015 it has become part of the Hungarian Duna Group. Banimex Sp. z o.o. has turned into a significant and well-known player in the Polish construction industry.

The company's factory was capable of producing up to 700 tons of steel structures monthly. The Polish Company played a crucial role in the construction of the Komárom Bridge and the M44 Tisza Bridge in Hungary, the Odera railway bridge in Nietkowice, Poland, the Dunajec River bridges in Nowy Sącz, Poland. The seat of the company is located in Będzin, Poland, with a focus on projects primarily in southern Poland.

The Polish company was originally founded in 1957 to manufacture in the first-place power plant equipment for the Polish market. After privatization the company from 1992 was renamed ZPP Energomontaż Południe S.A., mainly focusing on construction and renovation of bridges, overpasses, roads, and railway bridges and in 2014 Banimex Sp. z o.o. acquired the company. Then production of steel structures has already been one of the main activities of the company.

WKS Duna Polska

WKS Duna Polska is another significant company under the Duna Group, specializing in steel structure manufacturing. Within the workshops of the company production is being done on an area of almost 17,000 m², enabling an annual production capacity of even 8,000 tons of steel structures. According to the needs of the clients, the manufactured bridge elements to be delivered can weigh up to 50 tons, reach lengths of 40 meters, and widths of up to 6 meters. The primary markets of the company are steel production for the Polish and Hungarian bridge constructions, but is also present in several other European countries, particularly in bridge constructions in Northern Europe.

WKS Duna Polska participated in Hungary in the construction of the Southern Connecting Railway Danube Bridge, of the Kalocsa-Paks Danube Bridge, in Poland in that of the production and on site mounting of the Warta River railway bridge in Działoszyn, or of the Odera-Olawa bridges in Wroclaw, Poland. The company is involved in bridge construction projects in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland, as well as in steel structure projects in Germany and France.

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