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The Duna Group is increasingly active internationally, with its prominent PPP (Public-Private Partnership) project company, GED Africa Limited (GED Africa). The highly skilled international expert team at GED Africa is working on such a project that is outstanding on the level of global economy, advancing with full blast with the construction of a new road and border bridge situated on the territory of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Zambia.

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Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Zambia / 2014 -

GED Africa

In the heart of Africa, one of the region's most valuable infrastructure developments is being realized with the investment and professional guidance of the Duna Group. This is the GED Africa megaproject, the company's largest foreign investment. This PPP project is currently the largest individual private infrastructure investment in Africa from Europe, with Duna Aszfalt Zrt. as the professional and investor partner.

The road, referred to as the Ged Africa Route, will connect Kasomeno situated in the southern Democratic Republic of Congo with Mwenda in Zambia. A 345-meter border bridge will be built, as well as part of a 184-kilometer highway. This is the largest foreign investment of the Duna Group, with local contractors carrying out the construction.

The project entails the modernization, construction, and expansion of a 184-kilometer highway. The new route will include a 345-meter new cable-stayed bridge and will reduce the round-trip distance for commercial transporters from the Haut-Katanga mining area to the port of Dar es Salaam by approximately 500 kilometers.

Key elements of the GED Africa project:

  • Construction and operation of a 184-kilometer road
  • Construction and operation of a 345-meter border bridge
  • Establishment and operation of a one-stop border post with related infrastructure and devices for border control and operation
  • Development and operation of a toll collection system and related infrastructure
  • Support for local communities through the development and construction of social facilities

The construction of the road is of immense significance to the region, as it shortens the route for materials coming from the globally significant copper, cobalt, and coltan mines to the port of Dar es Salaam on the Indian Ocean coast. Thanks to the GED Africa project, vehicles transporting these valuable materials, which are used among in the case of computer equipment, will no longer have to make a several hundred-kilometre detour or wait for days at the border, thus transportation time and associated costs are significantly reduced.

GED Africa is a 25-year PPP concession project implemented with private investment, comprising three years of construction followed by 22 years of operation and maintenance of the built infrastructure. The megaproject's construction will commence in 2024, continuing the project development processes of previous years and the exploratory minor works that have already started.


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