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OUR WORKS I Utility Constructions

Duna Aszfalt has executed a series of outstanding utility construction projects in recent years. For example, in the field of flood protection, the construction of the Nagykunság flood level reduction reservoir has achieved remarkable results. Further flood protection developments took place in Szolnok, Tiszakécske, and Mályvád. Notable expansions in sewage networks were carried out in Abádszalók, Kunhegyes, and Lajosmizse. In the modernization of drinking water plants, our work in Miskolc-Tapolca and Szekszárd successfully upgraded the infrastructure. Significant wastewater treatment projects were also undertaken in Miskolc, Kondoros, Abádszalók, Kunhegyes, Lajosmizse, and Szarvas. These projects have been crucial steps in the development of Hungarian utility infrastructure.


Satu Mare / Romania / 2007 - 2009

The reconstruction of the sewage system in Satu Mare

The reconstruction of the sewage system in Satu Mare, a city of 100,000 people near the Romanian-Hungarian border, was carried out by our subsidiary Vakond Via Kft. The project involved renovating nearly 5 km of sewage pipes in the northern part of the city and 13 km in the southern part, affecting a total of 26 streets. Additionally, 412 household connections were reconstructed.

Abádszalók, Kunhegyes / Hungary / 2009 - 2012

The expansion of the sewage network and joint wastewater treatment plant in Abádszalók and Kunhegyes

This development increased network coverage to approximately 95% in Kunhegyes and 91% in Abádszalók. As a result of the improvement  new, modern treatment plant with adequate capacity was established, ensuring safe operation independent of flood events.


Fadd, Bogyiszló, Tolna, Mözs, Szekszárd / Hungary / 2014 - 2015

Modernization of the drinking water supply of Szekszárd

During the project we built a new water plant in Bogyiszló with a peak capacity of 10,000 m³/day. Over nine kilometers of raw water pipeline, nine kilometers of treated water pipeline, and more than two kilometers of escapage pipeline were installed around the five settlements.

A specialty of the project was that it involved crossing numerous roads, embankments, and watercourses, including the M6 and M9 motorways, a flood protection embankment on the Duna, the dead Duna in Tolna, and the Sió canal over a distance of 194 meters.


Miskolc – Tapolca / Hungary / 2013 - 2015

Construction of Miskolc-Tapolca’s water purification technology

The Tapolca karst springs are of key importance for the water supply of Miskolc. With the help of modern ultrafiltration technology, we ensured long-term water supply of the city. Besides the construction of a new treatment building, storage tanks and chemical tanks, we made the replacement of well pump and transformer station.

The new ultrafiltration technology filters particles larger than 0.02 microns, including bacteria and viruses, removing suspended impurity and reducing the amount of organic matter.  Thus, essential minerals are retained in the drinking water and the water’s chemical balance is maintained. Continuous water supply was ensured during the execution of the project, despite challenges related to soil mechanics during the building foundation.



Miskolc / Hungary / 2013 - 2014

The reconstruction of Miskolc’s wastewater treatment plant

The aim of the development was to upgrade the existing sewage treatment network of Miskolc to tertiary treatment performance. The project involved a complete overhaul of the sewage treatment line.

Key modifications were made besides the complete reconstruction of the wastewater treatment plant during mechanical preliminary purification. Within the bifurcation gate we made a change to motor-driven plan-slide gates, thermal insulation and ventilation of the grid mechanical room, replacement of stormwater drop-sluices with motor-driven ones, and upgrading of grit removal mechanism and driving chains. The pre-treated sewage was transferred to the bifurcation gate I, where two new pumps and frequency converters enhanced efficiency and process control. Both operational and backup primary settlers were renovated, covering architectural and mechanical engineering works.

Other Projects:

In recent years, numerous important water and wastewater treatment projects have been completed in Hungary, contributing to environmental protection and infrastructure development. The work carried out in Kondoros (2013-2014) aimed to increase the capacity and efficiency of the wastewater treatment plant, enabled the integration of new areas and connections into the treatment system. During the same period, we enlarged the joint wastewater treatment plant of Abádszalók and Kunhegyes, enhancing network coverage and treatment capacity. Similar developments took place in Lajosmizse and Szarvas, where the construction of sewage networks and the modernization of wastewater treatment plants were made. Significant investments were also executed in the Tápió coastal region and Kiskunhalas, with the construction of four new wastewater treatment plants and the expansion of the plant in Nagykáta.

These projects widely impacted the affected settlements, contributing to the infrastructural development and environmental protection of local communities.



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